Let me help you overshoot your marketing goals in the right ways.

Digital Marketing is an integrated process of leveraging marketing technology to help your customer make the right choices

What I do

I’m a digital marketing professional with over 15 years of experience across all digital marketing channels. 

I Coach

Sharing is what grows startups into unicorns. I believe in sharing digital marketing knowledge throughout organisations I work with and educating my teams in every way possible.

I Speak.

Always be learning… The best way to really know a topic or skill is to be put in a position to speak about it in front of your peers. Be this internally demonstrating to other teams or at a local meetup.         

I Write.

I’ve either managed others or built my own websites since the mid 90’s. I truly believe everyone has something to say and potentially an audience for their topic. Check out my blog. I’ll be talking about digital marketing.

Need advice?

Do you are your business have a challenge you would like a second opinion on? Are you looking for a digital marketing consultant to help you develop your marketing strategy?

My Experience

My marketing experience is spans several verticals in real money gaming in BetBright, e-commerce in XSellco, healthcare in LetsGetChecked, saas and fintech with Bankhawk Analytics.

I’ve managed multi-channel digital teams in the B2C and B2B, built marketing teams and trained employees in the execution of cutting edge digital marketing campaigns.

Check out my recent writing


“ Information is ammunition.”
“ Anything is possible – its all about the right choices.”
“Find the beauty in complexity and keep the painful simple.”

Graham Ó Maonaigh

Graham On Marketing

My approach in business is strongly informed from the philospical school of Praxis. Being open to learning from any situation and the people you work with is vital to embedding new business practices. If you want to build a positive and productive culture in any organisation, applying a Praxis methodology is key.

I love Marketing for the power of stories. Today Digital can get tied up in the next new thing. Its more important than ever for us Marketers to focus on the bigger picture of the story our Brand has to tell, the great offering that the product is part of that story and most importantly… Why the customer should even listen?

Let me help you super charge your digital marketing in the right ways.